About Us

About Fisher Auto Trim

Mission Statement

To find happiness, fulfillment, and value in the business community. We will:
  • Conduct business centered on the principles of service, excellence, honesty, and quality.

  • Remember what's important in business is contribution, family, productivity, sense of accomplishment, and development of talents.
  • Recognize our strengths and develop talents as a company that is a leader, hardworking, confident, trustworthy, and artistic.

  • Humble ourselves by acknowledging that we can be procrastinators, disorganized, and unmotivated and by constantly striving to transform our weaknesses into strengths.
  • Envision ourselves as becoming a company who:
    • General public thinks is organized, fair, and responsible.
    • Auto dealers think is committed, creative, and dependable.
    • Suppliers think is ambitious, trustworthy, and industrious.
    • Competitors think is powerful, educated, and moral.

By Founder and President Marc Fisher

Warranty Information

Windshield Rock Chip Repair Warranty—If you get rock chip damage in the first six months, we'll fix it for free.
Limited Lifetime Warranty—Every job or service performed at Fisher Auto Glass & Auto Trim Inc. is warranted to be free of defects from workmanship for life. Should any trouble ever develop, return it to Fisher and we'll repair (or replace it at our option) without charge.
This warranty does not apply where: 
  • Material Has Been Damaged
  • Repairs Have Been Made or Attempted by Others
  • Abuse, Misuse, or Improper Maintenance Is Apparent
  • Any Alterations Have Been Made
  • No Sales Receipt Can Be Provided
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